Three Game Types to Play for Free Online

From retrogames for the nostalgic of the eighties and nineties, to games for those who just want to let off steam after smartworking. But also strategy titles and only on the app. This is how the internet meets the Italians in quarantine

  1. For the nostalgic

The Internet Archive, one of the largest sites that deal with archiving material online, offers video game nostalgics a rich selection of titles from the 80s and 90s. There is Pac-Man in the 1983 version or SimCity, the historic 1989 video game that allows you to simulate the management of a city. But also Donkey Kong, Nintendo’s first success or Puzzle Bubble in 1997. On the Retrogames website you can play online with some historical versions of Super Mario or the blue hedgehog Sonic. There is no shortage of great arcade classics, arcade booths, such as Street Fighter, one of the most famous 2D hits in history or Tekken 3. For the generation raised with Playstation and Gameboy there are Crash Bandicoot or Pokemon

  1. For those who want to let off steam after a day with the family or in smart working

Staying at home can be tough. Couples in crisis, kids who would like to go out because they can’t stand their parents, fathers and mothers who are sick of having their rowdy kids 24 hours at home. There are many occasions for stress. And even those who can work remotely in smart working mode are certainly not wearing slippers all day. Between emails, whatsapp, slack, skype and many phone calls you risk receiving at home the same amount of stress that colleagues pour into the office. To our aid there are some ironic video games that allow you to exorcise the tension of a day. Like for example Bossy toss a naughty game that allows players to throw gloves, cacti and fire extinguishers into face to an imaginary “boss”. Don’t repeat it when you get back to the office. Another useful game to let off steam is, in which your avatar sitting on a chair has to try to stay on the edges of the platform and at the same time hit other players online to make them fall and acquire points. A kind of bumper car with chairs. For history buffs there is Murder, where the player must try to kill a king without getting caught. After passing the first level, he will have to protect himself from attacks by courtiers who want to stab or poison him. A game, but also a lesson in power.

  1. For those who want to play with apps only

Many of the games presented so far are difficult to enjoy through a smartphone. For those who prefer to play by downloading an app, there are popular free titles such as Candy Crush , Clash of Clans , Rise of Kingdoms, Clash Royale. Ten articles would not be enough to make a complete list. We just point out the most interesting or quirky of the easy-to-learn titles. One of the latest trending releases is Lucky Looter  where as a thief you have to collect as much loot as possible. Word Wars puzzle game, WordCraze.Org Wordscapes Daily Puzzles and Daily Themed Crosswords. To escape the banality of the usual shooters in which guns and rifles are used, we recommend Fury Wars on Android, where you can use explosive fish, unicorns and electric tridents.